We're glad you are here.
Here's a bit about Dohop and the team that makes it all possible.

Dohop is an award-winning technology provider founded in Iceland with 15 years of experience in developing innovative solutions in the field of aviation and travel. Our core technology is focused on creating connecting itineraries. Since 2015 we have enabled airport operators, such as London's Gatwick Airport, to use this innovative tool and drive connecting traffic over their hubs. In 2017 we started to offer this solution to airlines, including easyJet, whose portfolio of partners now includes more than 15 airlines like Cathay Pacific, Emirates, and Norwegian.

But Dohop is
not just

about programming algorithms
and designing platforms,
although we are very proud of our work.

Behind all these achievements and innovations stands a terrific team of passionate and ambitious individuals ready for pretty much any challenge. Our team is based in 8 different locations across three continents with a mixture of nationalities from all over the globe. We all share the same passion, and that is to make travel simple and accessible by developing innovative solutions.

Here's where you can find us:

When we're not at our desks, we're quite competitive in ping-pong,
and on Fridays, we make it a rule to squeeze in a beer or two after work.

Meet the team:
Ægir Már Jónsson
Software Developer
Anna Vigdís Rúnarsdóttir
Software Developer
Armina Ilea
Brand Director
Atli Sævar Guðmundsson
Full stack developer
Axel Máni
Software Engineer
Davíð Gunnarsson
Despina Kolomvou
Commercial Business Development Manager
Egill Örn Sigþórsson
Software Developer
Einar Helgason
Software Engineer
Fannar Gauti Guðmundsson
Software Developer
Gaurav Agarwal
Director - India, Middle East & Africa
George Hyde
Director of Commercial Sales
Gísli Þór Þórðarson
Software Developer
Hlynur Freyr Jónsson
Software Engineer
Hlynur Logi Þorsteinsson
Software Developer
Hólmfríður Björnsdóttir
Jakob Gunnarsson
Customer Service
Kári Snær Kárason
Software Developer
Kjartan Traustason
Software Developer
Kolbeinn Ari Arnórsson
Software Developer
Kristján Guðni Bjarnason
Kristrún Skúladóttir
Software Developer
Linda Guixian
Administrative Support
Magnús Snorri Bjarnason
Software Engineer
Ólafur Ragnar Helgason
Director Of Products
Pétur Guðmarsson
Pétur Helgi Einarsson
Software Engineer
Philipp Dietlin
Director, Asia Pacific
Ragnheiður Sveinsdóttir
Software Developer
Sigrún Dís Hauksdóttir
Software Developer
Snær Seljan Þóroddsson
Software Developer
Snorri Þorkelsson
Sverrir Á. Berg
System Architect
Þórarinn Ólafsson
Service Director
Þorvaldur Rúnarsson
Software Developer